Pediatric brain tumors vary in size, location, grade and structure and seem to follow no established patterns. The complexity and patient‐specific nature of these tumors make it hard for physicians to glean any meaningful information or experience from any particular case. Consistent with the notion that there is strength in numbers, physicians and researchers have created tissue consortiums that collect tissue samples from a wider array of tumors. By studying tissue samples on a broader scale, physicians develop meaningful research protocols to discern patterns, to develop tools to predict tumor behavior and to maximize the odds of eradication.

The decision to donate tissue from your child’s tumor is not an easy one. We know – because we stood in your shoes ‐ that the choice is intensely personal and emotional. But please know that a tissue sample from your child’s tumor could change the course of a research project and give the researchers the tools they need to win this battle. Unlike the rest of this ordeal, this is something that is within your control, and it is an important way for you and your child to make a difference.

For more information on Tissue Donation: http://www.kidsvcancer.org/tissue-donation/

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