Bench to Bedside

Bench to Bedside is our most ambitious and exciting program to-date, aimed at pioneering cutting-edge research for pediatric brain tumors. Today, children diagnosed with brain cancer are treated with the same drugs and therapies that existed 30 years ago. There have been no new advancements made in decades, and such low funding that there’s no hope for change.

But here at the John McNicholas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation, we’re setting out to change that.

Today, Bench to Bedside is poised on the brink of something big: With generous support from friends like you, we’re able to get much-needed funds directly into the hands of the most promising and innovative doctors and research scientists. With the funding they need, this team can deliver real and rapid results that save children’s lives.

The Dream Team

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Together, in partnership with Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital and Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, we’ve created a research Dream Team of the best and brightest to dedicate their skill to finding a cure.

Our Dream Team is committed to studying high-grade gliomas—the deadliest and most common form of brain tumors. With a multidisciplinary approach, these doctors cover the entire range of the research process—from extracting tissue samples and developing new therapies, to exploring novel delivery techniques that are safer and more effective for our kids. Our Dream Team is leading the charge on new therapies and treatment options—and will bring their best findings to our children’s bedsides through life-changing clinical trials.

While there are many talented groups pursuing important work in this area, the collaborative spirit and collective potential of our Dream Team is second to none. Their expertise centers around one of the most promising discoveries in pediatric brain tumor biology made in nearly 40 years—the high prevalence of Histone 3 mutation. This team’s experience and passion is truly one of a kind, and their work has the potential to translate into real hope for our children.

How you can help

Bench to Bedside is the most exciting and promising step we’ve taken thus far—but we need your support to make a difference. Please consider making a generous, tax-deductible gift to the John McNicholas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation. When you join our fight today, you empower our Dream Team to make the impossible possible.

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