How to Apply

Please submit the application to as an attachment to email no later than 11:59pm on September 13, 2013.

The John McNicholas Glioma Scholar Award


  1. Front Page – (Principal Investigator contact information; project title; institutional endorsement)
  2. Project Summary – (limit 1 page; research hypothesis; specific aims; background & significance; award period)
  3. Research Plan – (limit 5 pages; detailed plan of the proposed research, including specific aims & milestones; background & significance; preliminary data pertinent to the application; relevance to the treatment of high-grade gliomas in a pediatric patient population; research design & methodology)
  4. References – (limit 2 page; references from the Research Plan)
  5. Biographical Sketch (limit 4 pages; NIH format biosketch)
  6. Facilities – (limit 1 page; Short description of the facilities available for conducting the proposed research)
  7. IRB, IACUC Or Other Institutional Approvals – (Copies of IRB, IACUC, or other institutional approval letters pertinent to the proposed research; a 6 week delay in submission of approval letters is accepted by the Foundation if approval is not obtained by the application deadline. However, no funds will be disbursed to selected proposals until official IRB/IACUC approval is obtained)
  8. Budget – (Summary of budget categories; submission of separate and detailed Budget using Microsoft Excel form)


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