Budget Guidelines

The John McNicholas Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation anticipates funding one Scholar per year. Each total award is limited to $200,000 in direct costs over two years. Indirect costs will not be supported by this mechanism. In addition, a minimum of $100,000 in matching and/or in-kind support over two years from the Scholar’s academic institution is mandatory

Allowable costs under this award include:

  • Scholar Salary and Benefits (not to exceed $50K per year)
  • Salary and benefits of technical staff, including laboratory technicians, postdoctoral fellows, etc.)
  • Purchase and care of laboratory animals
  • Small pieces of laboratory equipment and laboratory supplies (under $5,000 per item per year)
  • Support for travel to scientific and professional meetings (not to exceed $1,000 per year)

Non-Allowable costs include:

  • Administrative support staff
  • Computer hardware or standard software (i.e., Microsoft office, Stata, etc.) Specific software necessary for laboratory analyses are allowable and should be explained in the budget justification
  • Construction or renovation costs
  • Rent for laboratory/office space
  • Telephone service support
  • Custodial or administrative support
  • Relocation costs
  • Memberships or subscriptions
  • Tuition
  • Large Equipment purchases (Over $5,000)

Investigators may receive funding from other sources to support this research, including physician scientist career development awards and research awards from both private and public sources. Applicants will be required to disclose all current and pending sources of financial support related to the field of proposed research.

The mechanism of the Award is the individual research grant. The maximum allowable duration is two years. Annual scientific progress and financial reports are required. Continuation of the award for the second year is contingent upon the timely receipt of scientific progress and financial reports. Funding for the Award is paid to the institution, but the individual applying for the Award is referred to as the Recipient of the Award. The institution is responsible for administering the funds in accordance with its procedures and policies, and the stated terms of this Award Program (see Application and Award Instructions)


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