To realize our mission of “Better Care, Better Cure.”, we need your help. Of course we need to raise money, but we also need to spread the word. We have assembled kits that make it easy for you to bring the mission to your school, your neighborhood or your professional organization.

To date, our events have united people of all ages and backgrounds to raise awareness and money and to promote the “Live Like John” mantra; we’ve sponsored large scale softball tournaments, small scale “Live Like John” bracelet sales and everything in between. Our reach depends on our creativity and our persistence. When people become educated about the lack of medical solutions available to victims of this insidious disease, they are understandably outraged; the more people we reach, the more momentum we gain. So please join us in our fight. We are excited to hear how you can help!

if_you_buildTo learn how John continues to inspire us, browse through the Foundation’s photographs to see the generous people who have given their time to the cause.

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