Indoor Kickball on Soccer Field Rules:

  1. Each player on a team has 1 chance at bat (or kicking) per inning.
  2. The ball can be kicked anywhere in front of home plate and the line of cones.
  3. An out is when a ball is caught in the air, a player is tagged by the ball, a player is hit by a ball thrown by the opposing team, or a player is forced on base.
  4. If a ball hits the ceiling, it is playable.
  5. You have to tag up after a ball is caught, even off the net or wall.
  6. All balls are live – if you catch a ball off a net, wall, or ceiling without hitting the ground it is an out.
  7. There are no foul Balls.
  8. **** game will be a maximum of 3 innings long or 25 minutes. (or time can be changed as it fits into schedule) Games will be called at 25 minutes. If the game is ended in middle of inning – The score from the previous inning will be counted.
  9. There are 3 limits to the outs in an inning.
  10. If a ball goes in player box, lands outside the field, or is caught between the net and the wall, it is a ground rule double and players on 2nd and 3rd base score.
  11. No Stealing or leading off. You can leave the base when the ball leaves the pitcher’s hand.
  12. KEVA Coach has final say on all rules. They are allowed to call a re-do when needed!
  13. The team with the most runs at the end of the game will win.
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