The Primary Goal of the Website

is to provide the comprehensive information source for you and your family. We hope to deliver information, medical resources, and the tools for you to formulate a path for your family’s journey. Over time, and with your help, we hope to deliver much more: a cure.

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Our Mission

We will push for advancements in the care and treatment of pediatric brain tumor patients by facilitating better coordination of information between patients and providers, improving the quality of life for patients, and funding specifically targeted pediatric brain tumor research and treatment options to achieve our ultimate goal: the eradication of pediatric brain tumors.


is significantly lower than that for many other types of pediatric cancer. These brain tumors require specific research and different treatments. At this time, brain cancer research is grossly under funded and the public remains unaware of the magnitude of this disease.

We are heartbroken that John lost his battle but his journey revealed there’s a war to be won. This is not just a story about one child. Tomorrow, ten parents will get the news that their son or daughter has been diagnosed with a brain tumor. And so our journey has evolved from a personal journey for our family to a journey of responsibility. The way John lived his life to the fullest and faced his illness with courage and grace has inspired many to “Live Like John”. In the spirit of our brave, beloved son, we have created this foundation.

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